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 Welcome to Bilal Fibres Limited - Manufacturer and Exporters of Yarn :

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Urdu Version (اُردو ورژن)
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Bilal Fibres Manufacturer

Providing creative services for printed and dyed fabric, bed sheet sets, Duvet covers, mattress covers, sofa covers and curtains.


Quality Yarn


Bilal Fibres is a long established export house exporting Quality Yarn Products from Pakistan. The company is one of the premier manufacturers of textile products in Pakistan, fully equipped not only with the modern machinery and equipments but also professional management and staff. The growth of the company has proved this combination of excellence. Our product ranges from 10/s to 40/s polyester/cotton blended yarn........ read more..


Main Machinery

  • Drawing Machines Toyoda
  • Drawing Machines Charry
  • Rieter Drawing Machine
  • Simplex Machine FA-415
  • Ring Machines, FA-502
  • Ring Machine, EJM 168

For more machinery detail please click read more

Certificates of Achievements.